Sign letter to EPO – Patentability of plants and animals

Set 3, 2019 | agrobiodiversità, legislazione sementiera, Seminare il cambiamento | 0 commenti

Dear colleagues,


the European Patent Office (EPO) opened the discussion about patents on plants and animals derived from conventional breeding again and we should take the opportunity to present our position.


In March 2019, the President of the EPO raised two questions to the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO concerning patents on plants and animals derived from conventional breeding. The Enlarged Board of Appeal will now deal with these questions. Until 1 October 2019 statements can be filed. NO PATENTS ON SEEDS! filed a detailed legal argumentation on these questions.


If your organisation wants to support the demand to stop the patenting of plants and animals derived from conventional breeding, you can sign the open letter (attached). If you want to do so, just send an email to confirming that you’d wish to support the letter.

An online form for individuals and more background info can be found on our homepage.


We will hand the signed open letter over to the EPO until 1 October.


You could as well file your own statement directly at the Enlarged Board of Appeal: EPO website.


Please feel free to share this email or share our posts on Social Media (  and ).


If you have further questions, please get in touch with me.


Thank you for your support.



Johanna Eckhardt




Tel. +43 680 21 26 343 






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