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EC-LLD! NEWS  the Newsletter for cultivated biodiversity
n. 6  May 2020

If we can’t get together physically, we go On Air

Every day, at 16:00, a cycle of webinars for strengthening the CSBs

Scandicci, Europe – Since our annual 11th Let’s Liberate Diversity ! meeting has been postponed, let’s start with a series of “On Air” webinars.  For the moment let us look at the legal framework of the FAO Treaty for CSBs, at seed policy laboratories, or at practical tools / advices for CSBs. This is just the beginning, if you think of proposing webinars that may be of interest..

To complete the picture, the #3rd issue of Brussel sprouts  has been released and the CSB Academy informs a 2020 call for applications of the CSB Academy

Here we go, Diversity! Just during the International Day for Biological Diversity.. 



 International Day for Biological Diversity 

The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.


You can give a look to the  program,  then if you would like you  can register on the website
Afterwards you will receive asap by email the link to participate, in case you can not for other commitments but you are pleased to see it, you will find a podcast. Participation is free of charge and you can spread the word to anyone. 

 Red Andaluza de Semillas “Resembrando e Intercambiando” (SPA)  
Local varieties, community seeds in times of global crisis RDS denounces the consequences of the closure of peasant markets and self-consumption gardens for the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity and food sovereignty. Through a campaign in social networks that it launches today, it reminds us that local varieties are an accessible and appropriate resource to make healthy and sustainable food possible.

 Reseau Semences Paysannes (FRA) 
Flashback on a successful series!!
We’ve been waiting for him impatiently, he’s finally out! The decision of the Council of State in the appeal against the varieties made tolerant to herbicides (VrTH) was handed down on February 7, bringing to an end five years of proceedings: a real soap opera in several episodes.
The full article on the website.

 ProSpecieRara (CH)
Eleven reasons why Europe needs to ban patents on food plants and farm animals. New report on patent applications for conventional plant and animal breeding. Here the report 

 Community Seed Banks Project
‘2020 call for applications of the CSB Academy’. The CSB Academy accepts training proposals from community seed banks, related NGO’s and seed initiatives from European Region.

Seeds & Crop Biodiversity in European Policy
This newsletter is produced by Fulya BATUR (Pro Specie Rara – PSR) for the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity! within the PSR project on seed policy



Rete Semi Rurali and CERERE project invites you to the first vision of the documentary “Cereals – the renaissance in the field” which tells the new supply chains, from sowing to the final products, through the words, stories, and emotions of five key players: farmers, researchers and producers.


The events will have to be confirmed due to the emergency situation 

  • June 26-28th // XXI State Fair of Cultivated Biodiversity, Carrícola (Valencia) – Spain – TO BE CONFIRMED
  • 16 to 21 August 2020 PPB & Resilient Seed Systems – TO BE CONFIRMED

  • NEW DATES 2021 September 6th – 10th //  20th Organic World Congress ‘ Rennes, France 

  • October 16th – 18th // Scandicci, Italy – 11th European Let’s Liberate Diversity Forum – TO BE CONFIRMED


This newsletter is realised thanks to  EU project DYNAVERSITY
Project ID: 773814



Una rete europea per la biodiversità agricola

DYNAVERSITY: il consolidamento e l'allargamento del Coordinamento Europeo Liberiamo la Diversità! Negli ultimi quattro anni i partner del progetto europeo DYNAVERSITY hanno analizzato e descritto le reti e gli attori coinvolti nella gestione dinamica...

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