Call for Action: Petition-Strengthen Human Rights of Peasants

Call for Action: European E-Petition – Strengthen the Human Rights of Peasants!

Dear Nyéléni Focal Points!

Strengthen the Human Rights of Peasants

At the Nyéléni Europe Forum in Cluj the idea for an E-Petition in support of the recognition of Peasants’ Rights was first developed. Now a large coalition for Peasants’ Rights (Hands on the Land partners and Nyéléni Europe) has launched an online petition “Strengthen the Human Rights of Peasants”! This petition asks the EU and its Member States to actively participate in good faith in the elaboration of the “UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas”. The aim of the petition is to generate citizen support/pressure for a positive change in the EUs attitude towards the Peasant Rights process at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.