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Lug 04 - 08 2017


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ESEE 2017 Conference – Transformative learning: new directions in agricultural extension and education, Chania – Grecia

ESEE 2017 CONFERENCE DETAILED SESSION PROGRAMMETuesday, July 4, 2017Session TitleEXTENSION ORGANISATION – REORGANISATION 1Session TypePaper PresentationRoomPythagoras; Tuesday, July 4│16:00-17:30ChairJosef Kania·It is Nice to Get a (Advisory) PackageZdravko Tusek, Hrvoje Horvat, Milan Husnjak, Matija Cabrajec, Vedrana Kustek, Letizia Antonella Vukorep·”Hope Project (HP)” as a Strategy for Knowledge Management in the Agricultural Parcels of Fars Province, IranArman Bakhshi-Jahromi, Hamid-Reza Ebrahimi, Afsaneh Dirin-SamimiFard·Factors Affecting Adoption of Pressurized Irrigation Technology among Olive Farms, IranMohammad Sadegh Allahyari, Nima Nejadrezaei, Mina Sadeghzadeh, Anastasios Michailidis·Green Extension for Green AgricultureTayfun ÇukurSession TitlePARTICIPATORY APPROACHES AND PRACTICES 1Session TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Tuesday, July 4│16:00-17:30ChairAndrea Knierim·Can We Strategically Manage Multistakeholder Innovation Processes in Agriculture? Insights from Case Studies in Burkina FasoAurelie Toillier, Eveline Compaore, Kola Prosper·How Do Farmers and Financial Management Advisors Engage? Findings from a Case Study in the New Zealand Dairy SectorAniek E.W.M. Hilkens, Janet I. Reid, Laurens W.A. Klerkx, David I. Gray·Problem Formulation, Problem Characteristics and a Need for Competence – Case Studies of Advisory Services in NorwayGunn-Turid Kvam, Bjørn Gunnar Hansen, Egil Petter Stræte·Co-design and Sustainable Development at the Heart of the Evolution of the Agricultural Extension System in TunisiaNajwa AlAadrahWednesday, July 5, 2017Session TitleEXTENSION ORGANISATION – REORGANISATION 2Session TypePaper PresentationRoomPythagoras; Wednesday, July 5│09:00-10:30ChairJosef Kania·Extending Extension Education: New Roles for Agricultural Extension Services in Changing Societies and EconomiesMilan Slavík, M. Rolls·Evaluating Extension Systems Using a Systems Approach: A Comparative Study in Greece, Italy and SloveniaEvagelos D. Lioutas, Chrysanthi Charatsari, Majda Černič Istenič, Marcello De Rosa, Giuseppe La Rocca ·Problems at Farm Extension and Advisory System in ArmeniaGagik Sardaryan, Sona Telunts, Vardan Aghbalyan, Vahe Mambreyan·The Experiences of the Transforming Extension Training in HungaryJózsef Kozári, Krisztina Tóth, Attila Németh, András VérSession TitlePARTICIPATORY APPROACHES AND PRACTICES 2Session TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Wednesday, July 5│09:00-10:30ChairAndrea Knierim·Integrating Co-innovation into Research Translation: Developing a Stakeholder-driven MethodologyJulie Ingram, Pete Gaskell, Jane Mills, Janet Dwyer, Pieter de Wolf·Who Do Farmers Talk to? How Farmer to Farmer Social Interactions Shaped Dairy Farmers’ Responses to Water Quality InterventionsHeather Collins, Dave Gray, Janet Reid, Nicola Shadbolt, Liz Dooley ·Farmer Responsibility and Researcher Learning: Two Sides of the Same Coin? Reflecting on Five Years of Involvement in Farmer Participatory Experimentation. A Case Study from Tigray, Northern EthiopiaRichard G. KraaijvangerSession TitleEXTENSION & ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES 1Session TypePaper PresentationRoomDemocritus; Wednesday, July 5│09:00-10:30ChairOrhan Özcatalbas·Investigating the Role of the National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Service (NAERLS) in Promoting Organic Farming in NigeriaEzinne Merianchris Emeana, Liz Trenchard, Katharina Dehnen-Schmutz, Siraj Shaikh·Impact of Communication Interventions on Farmers’ Ecological Knowledge: A Study on Tomato Farmers’ Knowledge Regarding Leafminer Moth Pest Ecology in the West of IranEsmail Karamidehkordi, Sajad Ahmadi ·Modeling the Factors Influencing the Village Officials’ Participation in Rural Environmental Protection in Northern IranMehdi Alikhani Dadoukolaei, Mehdi Charmchian Langerodi, Mohammad Chizari, Heydar Ahangari·The Role of Agricultural Extension and Agricultural Education for SustainabilityOrhan Özcatalbas, Muhammad Imran, Gülcin Gurkan, Hanife Durmuş, Tuğba UnluSession TitleUPGRADING & UPSKILLING OF EXTENSION SYSTEMS 1Session TypePaper PresentationRoomTheophrastus; Wednesday, July 5│09:00-10:30ChairLaurens Klerkx·Images and Metaphors as Tools in Communication between Advisors and FarmersEgil Petter Stræte, Bjørn Gunnar Hansen, Gunn-Turid Kvam·”Didactic Intervention”: A Concept to Enable Advisors’ Collectives in Developing Skills to Support a Transition towards AgroecologyMarianne Cerf, Paul Olry·Professional and Personal Transformation of Extension Workers through Nonformal Agricultural Education ReformEsbern Friis-Hansen, Edward Taylor, Deborah Duveskog·Capacity for Change: The Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation SystemsDelgermaa Chuluunbaatar, Christian Grovermann, Karin NichterleinSession TitleEXTENSION ORGANISATION – REORGANISATION 3Session TypePaper PresentationRoomPythagoras; Wednesday, July 5│11:00-12:30ChairArtur Cristóvão·Is the Agricultural Extension System in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Needs to Be Reformed?Bander M. Alsaghan, Ahmed M. Diab·Case Study: What Characterizes a Successful Advisor Visit?Bjørn Gunnar Hansen, Gunn-Turid Kvam, Egil Petter Stræte·The Impact of Recent Changes in Turkey’s Extension System on Agricultural Sector with Respect to 2023 VisionFahri Yavuz, M. Sharih Shiwan·The Role of Agricultural Extension towards Water Conflicts in the Catchment Area of Urmia Lake, IranMaryam Shariatzadeh, Masoud Bijani, Negin Fallah Haghighi, Saeed Jiyan RajabpoorSession TitlePARTICIPATORY APPROACHES AND PRACTICES 3Session TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Wednesday, July 5│11:00-12:30ChairMonica Gorman·Integrating Research and Practice through Knowledge Exchange: a National Agricultural Business Improvement ProgrammeE. Smith, L. Petrakas, E. Holdsworth, R. Meredith, P. Dolbear, P. Hill, H. Henderson, J. Stafford, G. Dick, T. Isaac·Effecting Change on Farm through Farmer Action Groups: Reducing the Use of Antibiotic Medicines on Dairy FarmsSarah L. Bolt, Lisa Morgans, Lisa van Dijk, Kristen K. Reyher, Henry Buller, David C.J. Main·How to Strengthen Innovation Support Services in European Rural Areas: Lessons Learnt from AgriSpinG. Faure, A. Knierim, A. Koutsouris, T. Ndah S, S. Audouin, E. Zarokosta, E. Wielinga, B. Triomphe, S. Mathé, L. Temple, K. Heanue·Enabling Practice-driven Innovation in the Animal Production SectorL. van Dijk, H.J. Buller, L.K. MacAllister, P.E. Baker, M. Mul, F. Neijenhuis, M. Plomp, A. Wichman, J. Yngvesson, D. Temple, J. Žák, J. Jozefová, J. Stokes, C.A. Weeks, D.C.J. MainSession TitleEXTENSION & ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES 2Session TypePaper PresentationRoomDemocritus; Wednesday, July 5│11:00-12:30ChairOrhan Özcatalbas·Building Resilience for Sustainable Food Production through Agricultural Conservation Practices in Anambra State, Nigeria: Implications for Agricultural Extension ServicesIfeoma Q. Anugwa, Agwu E. Agwu, Audrey R. Ezeh·Water Conflict Crisis in Iran’s Agriculture: A New Intervention for Agricultural Extension SystemMasoud Bijani, Dariush Hayati·Analysis of Lock-in Mechanisms: A Case Study on Rice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in CambodiaRica Joy Flor, Kry Chhay, Vichet Sorn, Harro Maat, Buyung Hadi·A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Climate Change Interventions: Critical Analysis of Climate Change Interventions from a Non-Extension PerspectiveSarah Cardey, Grady Walker, Ros Cornforth, Galine YanonSession TitleUPGRADING & UPSKILLING OF EXTENSION SYSTEMS 2Session TypePaper PresentationRoomTheophrastus; Wednesday, July 5│11:00-12:30ChairLaurens Klerkx·Putting New Wine in Old Bottles: Utilizing an Immersive International Experience to Develop an Interdisciplinary Extension Program in Food SystemsTracy Irani, Liz Felter, Shuyang Qu, Timur Momol, Esen Momol, Gail Hansen·Using Mixed Methodology in Assessing Community NeedsSuzanna Windon, Amy Elhadi, Deborah Lewis·Training as Part of the Capacity Building Ladder in Australian AgricultureDominie Wright, Ann Grand, Bill MacLeod, Lynette K Abbott·Transformative Learning Through the Development of a Competency-Based Climate Education Program for U.S. County Extension AgentsWilliam G. Hubbard, Dan GellerSession TitleEXTENSION ORGANISATION – REORGANISATION 4Session TypePaper PresentationRoomPythagoras; Wednesday, July 5│13:00-14:30ChairArtur Cristóvão·Evaluation of Forestry Programming Following the Reorganization of the North Carolina, USA Cooperative Extension ServiceRobert E. Bardon, Dennis W. Hazel·Revitalizing Agricultural Extension in Ontario, Canada: Past, Present and Future PerspectivesSteven Roche, Bronwynne Wilton, Elin Gwyn·Hard to Reach Farmers in Ireland – Who Are They and Why Are They Hard to Reach?Jim KinsellaSession TitleEXTENSION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIPSession TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Wednesday, July 5│13:00-14:30ChairChrysanthi Charatsari·Developing Alternative Food Networks: What Strengthens Farmers’ Willingness to Participate in Short Food Supply Chains?Chrysanthi Charatsari, Fotis Kitsios, Amalia Stafyla, Evagelos D. Lioutas·Sustainable Community Development through Innovative Entrepreneurial ActionsE. Vergos, H. Shabanaj·Performance of Emerging Service Delivery Agri-enterprises in Supporting Entrepreneurial Dairy Producers – An Exploratory Case Study of a Youth-led Extension Business Model in KenyaCatherine W. Kilelu, Jan van der Lee, KMPD-SNV-Kenya·Decision Making Styles of Farmers: A Case Study of Vegetable Producers in TurkeyNur Ilkay Abaci, Kürşat DemiryürekSession TitleNEGOTIATING PERCEPTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE CHANGE – THE POWER OF VISUAL LEARNINGSession TypeRound Table DiscussionRoomDemocritus; Wednesday, July 5│13:00-14:30ChairElske van de Fliert·Visual Methods as Options for Communication, Knowledge Exchange and Negotiating Perceptions for Sustainable ChangeLoes Witteveen·The Digital Farmer Field SchoolLoes Witteveen, Rico Lie, Margriet Goris, Verina Ingram·Movie Making as Praxis: Raising Critical Consciousness in the AnthropoceneGrady Walker·Establishing Capacity for Visual Learning towards Sustainable Development – Transdisciplinary Collaboration in MongoliaElske van de Fliert, B.Munkhbat, Loes WitteveenSession TitleWOMEN AND EXTENSION EDUCATIONSession TypePaper PresentationRoomTheophrastus; Wednesday, July 5│13:00-14:30ChairMaria Partalidou·Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Rural Women on Household Food Security Issues in Bayelsa State, NigeriaIfeoma Q. Anugwa, Agwu E. Agwu·How Agricultural Advisory Services Can Improve Engagement with Farm WomenAisling Molloy, Monica Gorman, Jane Kavanagh·Women Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Young Farmer Project: Turkish CaseMucahit Paksoy, Nida CelikFriday, July 7, 2017Session TitleSPACE FOR AGRICULTURAL INNOVATION – THE AGRISPIN PROJECTSession TypeRound Table DiscussionRoomPythagoras; Friday, July 7│09:00-10:30ChairAlex KoutsourisParticipantsAndrea Knierim, Tom Kelly, Aurelie Toillier, Eelke WielingaSession TitleEDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURESession TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Friday, July 7│09:00-10:30ChairMichael Kügler·The Role of Education in Boosting Transition towards Quality and Sustainable AgricultureLuca Bartoli, Marcello De Rosa, Elisa Maini, Renato Salvatore·Is the Current Educational Landscape Suited for Agroecology?Lies Debruyne, Laure Triste, Fleur Marchand·CECRA – Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas. IALBs Rural Advisory Methods Trainings Expand throughout Europe. An Innovation StoryPablo AsensioSession TitlePARTICIPATORY APPROACHES AND PRACTICES 4Session TypePaper PresentationRoomDemocritus; Friday, July 7│09:00-10:30ChairMonica Gorman·Opportunities and Challenges of Participatory Approaches in Enhancing AgrobiodiversityAdanella Rossi, Simona D’Amico, Riccardo Bocci, Gianluca Brunori, Gea Galluzzi·Use of Participatory Extension Approach to Establish WAAPP – BUK Value Chain Innovation Platforms (VCIPs) for Sustainable Agriculture in NigeriaA. Abdullahi, A.U.Yusuf·From Information Systems to Innovation Networks in ExtensionKürşat DemiryürekSession TitleEXTENSION & INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICTs) 1Session TypePaper PresentationRoomTheophrastus; Friday, July 7│09:00-10:30ChairPeter Paree·Agricultural Education and Extension in the Age of Big DataKatarzyna Kosior·Working out of Interactive Consulting Systems for Implementation of InnovationTetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk·How to Integrate Open Data with Local Knowledge in Co-designed ICT Solutions?Mariateresa Lazzaro, Peter Paree, Diego Guidotti, Panagiota Koltsida, Paolo Barberi, Eleni Toli·Extension Experts´ Use and Perception of ICT-based Knowledge Platforms: Case from South Wollo, EthiopiaFanos Mekonnen Birke, Andrea Knierim, Mamusha LemmaSession TitleADVISOR QUALIFICATION – WHICH COMPETENCES DO RURAL ADVISORS AND INNOVATION MANAGERS NEED TODAY?Session TypeRound Table DiscussionRoomPythagoras; Friday, July 7│11:00-12:30ChairPablo AsensioParticipantsTom Kelly, Michael Kügler, Eelke WielingaSession TitleAGRICULTURAL EDUCATION 1Session TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Friday, July 7│11:00-12:30ChairJim Kinsella·Characteristics of Agricultural Competence-based EducatorMahsa Saadvandi, Enayat Abbasi, Homayoun Farhadian, Kiumars Zarafshani·The Need of Change in Education of Agricultural Advisors in HungaryAndrás Vér, Attila Németh, László Gulyás, Krisztina Tóth, József Kozári·Teagasc Education Strategic Vision ProjectTony Pettit, Frank Murphy, James Maher, Tom Kelly·The Landscape of Creation and Facilitation of Dairy Sheep-Farmers’ Discussion Groups in Stables in Karditsa, GreeceEleni Zarokosta, Alex KoutsourisSession TitleMONITORING AND EVALUATIONSession TypePaper PresentationRoomDemocritus; Friday, July 7│11:00-12:30ChairJeff Coutts·Catching a Moving Feast – Monitoring and Evaluation of Extension with Multiple Players and Complex ContextsJeff Coutts, Neels Botha·The Impact of Knowledge Transfer on Farm Level Margins during the Economic RecessionA. Cawley, C. O’Donoghue, K. Heanue, R. Hilliard, M. Sheehan·Investigating Features of Chain-wide Sustainability Initiatives Favouring Sustainable Development in Flemish AgricultureL. Triste, J. Vandenabeele, I. Coteur, H. Cooreman, F. Marchand·Assessing the Links between Advisory Services and the Sustainability of FarmsBeatriz Herrera, Maria Gerster-Bentaya, Irene Tzouramani, Andrea Knierim·Evaluation of Medium-Long Term Effects of Innovation Interventions in Rural Development Programmes: the Use of FADNSimona Cristiano, Patrizia ProiettiSession TitleEXTENSION & INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICTs) 2Session TypePaper PresentationRoomTheophrastus; Friday, July 7│11:00-12:30ChairGeorge Vlahos·A Conceptual Educational Framework for Residents of Faraway Regions by Using a Collaborative Inquiry (CI)K. Arvanitis, X.Dragotis, D. Papachristos, V. Kavvadias·Adoption of the Agricultural Decision Support System CropSAT in Extension: Incentives and NeedsChristina Lundström, Jessica Lindblom, Magnus Ljung·Challenges and Opportunities of Online Advisory Services for Dairy Goat Farmers in Northern NorwayAnders I. Mørch, Ingvill Thomassen, André V. HvidstenSession TitleMULTI ACTOR APPROACH: A KEY DEVICE FOR SPEEDING UP INNOVATIONSession TypeRound Table DiscussionRoomPythagoras; Friday, July 7│13:00-14:30ChairSimona Cristiano, Patrizia ProiettiParticipantsRiccardo Bocci, Lisa van Dijk, Eelke Wielinga, Michael KueglerSession TitleAGRICULTURAL EDUCATION 2Session TypePaper PresentationRoomSocrates; Friday, July 7│13:00-14:30ChairJim Kinsella·Fishers’ SeaofSkills through an E-learning PlatformN. Nikitakos, V. Unal, T. Dincer, A. Deidun, M. Falzon, D. Papachristos, P. Stavroulakis, A. Gordoa, M. Katechi·Strengthening On-Farm Research in Upper Secondary Agricultural Education in GermanyS. Scholz, R. Bloch, U. Knuth, A. M. Häring·Entering the Occupational Category of ‘Farmer’: New Pathways through Professional Agricultural Education in IrelandJustine Deming, Áine Macken-Walsh, Bernadette O’Brien, James Kinsella·Perception of Agricultural Advisory Companies’ Educators Regarding the Importance of Professional Competencies in Training Process in IranAlireza Norozi, Enayat Abbasi, Hassan SadighiSession TitleEXTENSION & INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICTs) 3Session TypePaper PresentationRoomDemocritus; Friday, July 7│13:00-14:30ChairGeorge Vlahos·Tuning up a Method for an Appropriate Introduction of the New Paradigm of Sustainable Agriculture Management Inducted by the Innovative High Technology FarmingFausta Fabbri, Stefania Lombardo, Alessandra Gemmiti, Annamaria Vignini, Daniele Sarri, Luigi Corvo, Marco Vieri·Using Local Radio and Podcasts for Agricultural Extension in the West of IrelandMonica Gorman, Owen Keogh, Pat Clarke, Peter Leonard·Online Learning Networks for Rural ExtensionGavin Beever·Increasing the Employability of Agriculture Graduates through the Development of Eal Industry Technology Learning Systems: Examining a Case Study in an Online Farm Mapping System (PA Source)Amy Cosby, Mark Trotter, Ben Jones, Tina Botwright Acuna, Wendy Fasso, Sue GregorySession TitleBUILDING EVIDENCE, INFORMING POLICY – MAKING A CASE FOR INCLUSIVE RURAL COMMUNICATION SERVICESSession TypeRound Table DiscussionRoomTheophrastus; Friday, July 7│13:00-14:30ChairElske van de Fliert·Towards Inclusive Rural Communication Services – Building EvidenceElske van de Fliert·Towards Inclusive Rural Communication Services – Informing PolicyMario Acunzo·A Perspective of Anticipation, Reflexivity, Inclusion and Responsiveness to Study the Sustainability and Impact of Communicative Interventions. Learning from the GRI-RC StudyLoes Witteveen, Sarah Cardey·Assessing Changes in Rural Communication Services for Nomadic Herders in MongoliaRico Lie, Oleg Nicetic, Elske van de Fliert