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Set 23 - 26 2015


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Sow your resistance!

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Le iscrizioni chiudono il 17 agosto 2015

International meeting 2015
at the Emmaus Village of Lescar-Pau

Farmer seeds, basis of food production, are monopolized everywhere. On one hand, in many
countries, laws, instituting industrial norms, increasingly limit what farmers can do with their own
seeds and with the seeds they buy. On the other hand, the agrochemicals companies are massively
patenting plants, animals and micro-organisms. Doing so, they privatize all the living organisms and
impose toxic seeds (GMO, high inputs varieties…) : they trample the peasants’ fundamental rights, they
damage the environment and take control over our food.
This large-scale biopiracy allowed three agrochemical multinationals to take ownership of more than
half of the seeds global market. The conservation and reuse of seeds, which are multi-millennia practices
at the base of agriculture, gradually become criminalized practices.
For all that, the control of the seeds and the on-farm breeding process should return into the hands
of peasants. Indeed, away from the european imposed model, 90 % of farmers in the world are still
using farmers’ seeds and produce about 70 % of the available food. This peasants swap their seeds
and seedlings and re-sow each year a selected part of their harvest. Besides their capacity to produce
an abundant and quality food, these seeds are free from industrial property rights. As they are
hardy and require few inputs, they have a high genetic diversity that makes them adaptable to soils,
to farmers’ practices and to climate change. These biodiversity-based food systems insure people
food sovereignty and enable them to resist to multinationals and their insane profits.
While the grabbing process of the commons (water, land, food,…) favored by Free Trade Agreements
is expanding, social movements worldwide, especially peasants organizations, rise and call for mobilization.
With the international meeting « Sow your Resistance », the Peasants’ Seeds Network, the
village of Emmaüs Lescar-Pau and BEDE wish to give a podium to these numerous fights against the
privatization of life and to the practical initiatives of civil society for food sovereignty and the protection
of farmers’ seeds.

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