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Route d'Épinard, 49000 Angers, Pays de la Loire, Francia


Dic 06 2018


13:30 - 16:30

LIVESEED, ECO‐PB & CPVO Workshop on Heterogeneous Material and Organic Varieties

The European Project LIVESEED on boosting organic seed and plant breeding across Europe(www.liveseed.eu) and the European Consortium of Organic Plant Breeding (ECO‐PB,www.eco‐pb.org) aim to discuss opportunities and challenges of registration ofheterogeneous material and organic varieties with the CPVO, the national examination offices(EO) and the observers (DG Sante, ESA, Plantum, EPO, UPOV, CIOPORA, BLW, Food SafetyAuthority).NNWe will present the scientific concept of heterogeneous material, first results andexperiences of the running “temporary experiment providing for certain derogations for themarketing of populations” and discuss possible tools to identify, describe and trace suchmaterial. Further, we would like to discuss consequences of the new organic regulation848/2018 with respect to (i) the notification of “organic heterogenous material” and (ii) theforeseen “temporary experiment on organic varieties suitable for organic production in orderto establish the criteria for the description of the characteristics of that material and todetermine the production and marketing conditions”.NProgram of the LIVESEED, ECO‐PB & CPVO Workshop onHeterogeneous Material and Organic VarietiesN13:30 ‐ 14:10 Part 1: Why genetically heterogeneous material?NWelcome of particpantsNAdvantages of genetically heterogeneous cultivars: evidences from research(Charlotte Bickler, Organic Research Centre)NConcepts of heterogeneous populations and organic varieties and their inclusionin the new organic regulation (Monika Messmer, FiBL)14:10 – 15:15NPart 2: Experiences from the temporary experiments on heterogeneousmaterialChallenges of commercialisation of heterogeneous material (Riccardo Bocci,Rete Semi Rurali, with contribution from examination offices)NLIVESEED toolbox for heterogeneous material description and identification(Ambrogio Costanzo, Organic Research Centre)NDiscussion on implementing notification of “organic heterogeneous material” asforeseen in the new organic regulationN15:15 – 15:30 Coffee BreakN15:30 – 16:30 Part 3: Upcoming temporary experiment on organic varieties suitable fororganic productionNResults from LIVESEED survey on organic DUS, VCU and post‐registration trials(Tove Mariegaard Pedersen, Seges)NConcepts for adjusted DUS and VCU protocols for organic varieties (GebhardRossmanith, Bingenheimer Saatgut)NDiscussion on developing adjusted guidelines for upcoming temporaryexperiment on organic varietiesNFeedback & closing of workshopN