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Zurigo, Svizzera
Zurigo, Svizzera


Gen 17 - 18 2013


14:00 - 16:00

Incontro Europeo Campagna No Patent on Seeds – Zurigo


Thursday, 17th

afternoon arrival of participants
please inform François about your time of arrival and departure

5 pm Beginning of the Meeting at Berne Declaration

5-7 pm First Session: Review 2012 / facilitated by Tina

Report of Highlights and Turning Points
Report from Brussels (Pierre)
Report from Munich (Christoph, Ruth)
Report from other places/countries (?)
Questions and discussion

Where are we now beginning of 2013: short analysis of our strengths and weaknesses (SWOT)

Thursday 7.30 Dinner (we also have invited Prof. Dolder to join us)

Friday, 18th

9 amOutlook on 2013 / Definition of Goals / facilitated by François
What are the important processes (policy, law…) going on? Which decision are to be taken and when?
What could be achieved?
Open questions to be discussed on strategic level (transparency on patented plants, animals? Labelling of patented products?)
Impact on developing countries through European law and practices and lobby of private enterprise/seed industry

10.15 amPlanning of activities 2013 / facilitated by Tina
On going patent cases
New patent cases
Objections / legal disputes
EU Parliament
Background papers
Consumers / Retailers Campaign

12.30 pmLunch

2 pmOrganisational matters of the coalition / facilitated by François
Role of each member
Project related division of tasks and responsibilities
Expansion of the coalition
Revised email list of coalition members
Budget und finance plan

4pmFinal discussion and closure / facilitated by François

5pmEnd of the meeting

Notes: to be defined
We need 3-4 volunteers (not only women, please!)

Documents and Preparation:

Please read carefully the “Proposal: Push against patents on plants and animals 2013” prepared by Christoph in November

Please also have a look at the website (check whether all relevant information is there and easy accessible)