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Etelä-Suomi, Finlandia


Ott 28 - 30 2019


13:00 - 13:00

GenRes Bridge – Sharing Perspectives Workshop

The H2020 project GenRes Bridge aims to strengthen conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources by accelerating collaborative efforts and widening capacities in plant,forest and animal domains.NNThe objective of this workshop is to build bridges between different genetic resources communities by bringing together a range of experts, stakeholders and end-users in the field of management of crop, forest and animal genetic resources.NParticipants will also represent the wider biodiversity conservation perspective from Europe and countries in the Mediterranean basin.NThe main goal of the workshop is to prepare recommendations for the development of an Integrated Strategy for the conservation and use of crop, forest and animal genetic resources.NSynergies, controversies, overlaps, gaps, bottlenecks and opportunities in and between sectors will be identified and discussed as well as the existing roadmaps and recommendations a common Strategy.NWebinar seriesNIn preparation for the workshop, three webinars will give insights on management of plant, forest and animal genetic resources. The aim of the webinars is to bring all workshop participants to the same level of knowledge, engage in the topic and stimulate some questions to be addressed during the workshop. By organizing these presentations ahead, we will be able to kick start our conversations in Finland.NNNNNThe webinars will be held with the following schedule:NNNNNWednesday, 9 October, 12:00-12:45 Plant genetic resources – Lorenzo Maggioni, ECPGR SecretaryThursday, 10 October, 12:00-12:45 Farm animals genetic resources – Coralie Danchin, ERFP SecretaryFriday, 11 October, 12:00-12:45 Forest genetic resources – Michele Bozzano, EUFORGEN CoordinatorNNNNThe webinars will be recorded and available on this page afterwards. For any questions, please contact genresbridge@efi.intNNNNPractical information for participantsNVenueNThe hotel Gustavelund is located just 15 minutes from Helsinki Airport by taxi, 30 minutes from downtown Helsinki and 10 minutes from Kerava railway station or Järvenpää. Gustavelund has a free car parking for guests.NTimetableNThe workshop will begin on Monday 28th of October at 12 o’clock with lunch, the program will begin at 1 PM. The closing of the workshop is due at 2 PM on Wednesday 30th.NTravel & accommodationNYou should purchase your own flight tickets. We will reimburse the travel costs and offer accommodation for the invited stakeholders. Project partners will cover travel and accommodation costs from their own budgets. We will book the rooms for everybody and provide meals during the workshop.NFor any questions, please contact Ms Yrjänä Leena: leena.yrjana (at) luke.fiNNPreliminary programme dowload pdfNMonday 28 October (lunch at 12.00, start at 13.00)WelcomeIntroductionsProcess logisticsA marketplace on the bridge – exploring each domain and community. Specific aspects of each domain. Identifying linkages, opportunities.NBreakNMaking sense of key opportunities and gapsKey insights from the marketplace; identifying the most important gaps and opportunities that the GenRes Bridge (cross-) community should focus onNExploring paradoxes of this collaborationIdentifying and formulating some of the paradoxes that impact this work and ought to be addressed for better chances of successNClosingDinner & receptionNTuesday 29 OctoberRecapSketching the policy spaceSketching the collective policy environmentMaking sense of the policy spaceUnderstanding the policy space in which we operate and how interlinkages play out across countries, domains, timelinesNBreakNFleshing out a strategic approachUncovering a possible vision for the strategic approach including collaboration and communication across domainsNLunchNStrategy development: early feedback loops on relevanceTesting draft ideas for developing a strategy for GenRes conservation in EuropeNClosingDinner & receptionNWednesday 30 October (half-day programme, ends at 13.00)RecapOpen Space & sense-makingSuggesting and hosting issues for discussion so that any important remaining issue is addressedIdentifying ways to integrate these issues with the work on the strategyNIntegrated breakNCommitments and peer supportIdentifying personal commitments and ways to strengthen the collective work with the help of peers from other domainsNClosingLunchNNNNBack-to-back eventsTwo other workshops will take place back-to-back with this event (in parallel) at the same venue:NNN30-31 October 2019 ‘Demonstration cases’ workshopNNN30-31 October 2019Workshop on ‘Enhancing and Linking Information Systems’NNNNNN