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Oregon State University, Corvalis


Feb 03 - 06 2016


17:00 - 08:00

8th Organic Seed Growers Conference, Corvalis, Oregon

Agenda for the 8th Organic Seed Growers Conference

Details for the 8th Organic Seed Growers Conference agenda and pre-conference events are now available. We couldn't be more excited about the well-rounded session schedule that includes over 80 experts in the fields of organic plant breeding, seed production, seed policy, and much more. Be sure to join us for one of the pre-conference events, too. We're looking forward to seeing you in February! (Please note the agenda is subject to change.)

Schedule at a Glance

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Organic Seed Production Intensive

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pre-Conference Tour of Organic Seed in the Willamette Valley

Friday, February 5, 2016

8th Organic Seed Growers Conference

Saturday, February 6, 2016

8th Organic Seed Growers Conference

Organic Seed Production Intensive

This daylong intensive will cover basic seed production for new farmers. Instructors will provide an in-depth look at the fundamental techniques of seed production, including seed crop spacing and timing, fertility and irrigation needs, managing selfers versus crossers, and organic disease management. Participants will learn methods and tools for determining seed maturation, harvesting, threshing, cleaning, and handling, with hands-on demonstrations. The training will also include the principles needed to improve seed quality, manage isolation distances, avoid genetic contamination, and select seed crops for local adaptation while maintaining healthy, diverse crop varieties.

Speakers: Sebastian Aguilar, Chickadee Farm; Steve Peters and Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance

Register for the intensive today (space is limited)

Pre-Conference Tour of Organic Seed in the Willamette Valley

Hop on the bus to expand your seed education in the field. This year's pre-conference tour will showcase the diversity of organic plant breeding projects and partnerships at Oregon State University, including the Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC), the Tomato Organic Management and Improvement project (TOMI), Squash Party, and the Oregon State University barley breeding program, among others. Tour participants will learn first-hand from experienced seed growers and seed companies. The tour will also include a visit to the inner operations of the USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository. From seeds to breeds to genetic conservation you won't want to miss this opportunity to see seed systems in action.

Register for the tour today (space is limited)

8th Organic Seed Growers Conference Sessions (Friday and Saturday)

Farmer Participation in Plant Breeding: Models from Canada, Europe, and the United States
Breeding Better Brassicas for Organic Agriculture
Addressing Intellectual Property Rights in Organic Seed Systems
Seed Economics: How to Make Growing and Selling Seed More Profitable
Creating Plant Breeding Populations for Organic Systems
Seed Equipment: On-farm Innovations
Which Plant Breeding Techniques Should be Allowed in Organic Agriculture?
Building Resilient Seed Systems: Implications for Germplasm Conservation, Plant Breeding, and the Organic Seed Community
Vegetable Breeding Research Updates
Grain Variety Selection for Organic Food Production
How Can Organic Seed Growers Address GMO Contamination?
Education as a Profit Center in Organic Seed Operations
Community Plant Breeding: Engaging Stakeholders Across the Food System From Eaters to Breeders
Breeding Crops for Organic Adaptation, Resilience, Vigor, and Flavor
Organic Cover Crop Seed Production
Organic Seed Activism: A Primer and Toolkit
Strategies for Organic and Low-Input Breeding and Management
Regional Organic Grain Breeding
Vegetable Seed Production: Scaling up
Organic Seed Purity Listening Session
The Breeding Perspectives of a Successful, Independent Seed Company
Breeding for Resiliency in the Face of Climate Chaos
Hybrid Variety Development: Dispelling Myths and Inspiring New Ideas
Managing Seed Borne Disease: Brassica Black Leg and Implications for Organic Seed Producers and Industry
Germplasm Conservation and Access to Genetic Resources
Building Community Through Seed
Building Community Resilience Through the Upper Midwest Indigenous Seed Network

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