Biodiversity in the field, biodiversity on paper! 

RSR Agrobiodiversity Library

Agrobiodiversity Library
The agrobiodiversity library in our Scandicci headquarters is the latest product of our commitment to dissemination and inclusion.

We started taking stock of our agrobiodiversity resources in November 2020 so that our Agrobiodiversity Library could be included in the Integrated Document Management System for the Florence area (SDIAF).

Since January 2021 we have been welcomed in the municipal network of libraries and archives. We are currently cataloguing our collection so that it is accessible to all users of the libraries network. 

Biblioteca dell'agrobiodiversità

Agrobiodiversity Library

At the same time, we are working to set up welcoming facilities in our “Home of Agrobiodiversity” headquarters in Scandicci. The facilities will be open to the public for research and events. 

Our specialised collection, originating from contributions by members, friends and partners, expanded with ad-hoc purchases and donations, includes 1600 monographs, 80 magazines e 50 audiovisuals.

The Library is organised in two sections. The first section covers more generally subjects such as agronomy, economy and the social sciences. The other section focusses exclusively on agrobiodiversity and is structured alongside our four areas of work:

  • Community Seed Banks
  • Research in Action
  • Sowing the Seed of Change
  • Communities

We want our Agrobiodiversity Library at the heart of our dissemination activities to stimulate debate in our communities, we dream of it as the go-to place for farmers, researchers, students and interested citizens that want to join in in the agroecological transition.  

20-21-22 Maggio 2022Scandicci (FI)

Rete Semi Rurali ETS vi invita a partecipare a una 3 giorni dedicata al tema della Biodiversità dal campo alla tavola