Our Vision

Rete Semi Rurali, together with our 34 members, acts as a hub for food system biodiversity, supporting and facilitating connections, sharing of information and exchanging of experiences among those committed to diversity, from seed to plate, and stand against extractive agriculture with its monocultures.

We promote the collective management of agrobiodiversity, the prerequisite for an ecological transition in agriculture and the economy more generally.

We work towards diversification in agricultural systems, from seed to plate (including processing and distribution) to achieve sustainable food systems and healthy diets.

Rete S

La nostra missione

Per sostenere la gestione collettiva dell'agrobiodiversità RSR lavora a più livelli, mantenendo in costante fertile collegamento le pratiche con le teorie e le politiche. Le nostre attività si articolano in 4 aree tematiche: ricercAZIONE, case delle sementi, comunità e strategie per il cambiamento.